Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disco Biscuits at The Ogden Theater 1/15/11

Oh, Colorado.  The place where one awesome weekend runs right into another, with five days of what I now refer to as “workidaze” in between.


Disco Biscuits at The Ogden Theater on 1/15/11, can we talk about this for a minute?  Because I’ve been meaning to document the fabulousness that was that day ever since it happened, but I was actually abducted and taken to space at the show and by the time I found my way back the next weekend had begun, and in my experience, weekends are for enjoying situations of which to be documented, not to perform actual documentation…

Denver Disco Biscuits day started early – I think it was about 10:30 AM that I received word a crew was meeting for bottomless mimosas at The Irish Snug on Colfax Ave.  Though I momentarily debated the day drinking, I decided it best to put on my concert attire (which included my never-worn silver sequin stretch pants and my “fish tits” tank top,) and head out for a work-free day on the town with my party people. 

Binge drinking and allowing a rave couple to photograph my “shiney hiney”at The Irish Snug turned into more drinking and debauchery at The Cheeky Monk. At that bar I ran outside to watch a man face down on the sidewalk get handcuffed by two cops, and I then applauded and shouted “Freedom!” after they uncuffed him and let him back into the world that is Colfax Ave.  

After taking a brief intermission from day partying (or did we take an intermission?) the crew re-gained strength and buzz at Sanchos Broken Arrow before heading to the venue.  Some of my friends marched right on down to the pit and that is where I began my show; front row, on the railing, stage right.   I actually didn’t even make it through the entire first song in the front row because I really dislike being smushed in a crowd, but I learned something in my short-lived glory…I have what may be referred to as a “musicians crush” on bassist Marc Brownstein.  Oh yes, it’s true; I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  He’s from Philly, he makes amazing music, I imagine he’s got a cool personality and he’s a bobble head with cute style.  I dig it.

I ended up spending a majority of the show on a second level balcony and even that was crowded.  In fact, one of my friends said he didn’t see the band one time from our spot.  I, on the other hand, made it a point to squeeze into a space near the balcony railing and this was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made.  I literally said “oh my god,” when I saw the laser light show that was going down, and I’m pretty darn sure that it was the best concert light experience I have ever had.  From my position on the upper deck the horizontal lasers that shot out across the venue were exactly at my eye level, transporting me through galaxies, carrying me through the cosmos. At some points I was hanging over the balcony railing, flailing my arms into the lights and feeling like I was on some sort of amusement park ride, or watching a 3-D star show in a planetarium.  It was absolutely amazing and I believe it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I was in the right spot at the right venue at the right time.  What a spectacle.

Of course, I also thought the music was outstanding and so well enhanced by the light team.  The entire show was a booty shaking good time, and the band played one of my all-time favorite songs, “I-Man” as well as one of my new found favorite songs, “We like to Party.”  I also really wanted to hear “Home Again,” and you can bet your bottom dollar I was tickled beyond belief when it was performed as the encore.  

This was one of those concerts that I didn’t want to end.  Everyone I saw was a smiling, sweating, dancing mess, and I am sure that the missions of all in attendance were accomplished (RAGE FACE!).

During the show Brownstein announced there will be a third annual Bisco Inferno this May right here in CoolaRADo, and he also put to rest some rumors that he (and the band) are re-locating to Denver.  The answer to that rumor was, if he gets busted smoking pot one more time in Philadelphia, he will move to Denver.  At first my opinion on this was, “don’t wait until you get arrested, move now!” But then I realized that whatever the band has going on in Philly is a damn good thing, and I would rather that carry on than have the satisfaction that “the band lives in the same city as me.”  

On that note, I think my synopsis is complete.  Morale of the story - the Disco Biscuits know how to throw down.

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