Monday, December 20, 2010

Why I moved to Denver

Summit County, CO
People always ask me why I moved to Denver, which I find to be kind of a funny question.  If you’ve never been here it’s certainly fair game, but for local inhabitants, I would think the answer is quite obvious!  I’ve done a wee bit of traveling in my day, and from what I’ve seen and for the person I am, Denver is thee best city I could have possibly chosen to move to.  My reasons for loving Denver are prolific, and each day here seems to be better than the last.  

Loveland Pass
Where should I even begin?  I reckon with my number one reason.  My number one reason for moving to Colorado is the mountains.  I love mountains.  I always have and I always will.  It’s the same reason I chose to spend a semester abroad in Switzerland.  Mountains move my soul!  They provide a grand spectacle, numerous challenges and endless adventurous opportunities.  I like to hike them, I like to drive over them, I like to snowboard down them, I like to photograph them, I like to stare at them, and I like to dream about them.  Mountains make me happy. It’s hard to be in a completely shitty mood when there is literally a purple mountain majesty staring you in the face. I need mountains in my life.


Another thing I need in my life that Denver has an abundance of is live music.  Denver is a haven for deadheads, bluegrass junkies and jam band phans.  There is electronic, rock, jazz, funk, jungle, dance, club, drum and bass, reggae…all types of live music options.  I had to laugh the other day when I found myself subconsciously referencing a Grateful Dead tune in regards to the Denver music scene…”The Music Never Stops.”  It’s true.  As soon as you finish one band’s two or three night run another one is announced.  We had StS9 and Furthur in September at Red Rocks, Phish in October, Lotus in November and Widespread Panic, Railroad Earth and StS9 in December.  Up and coming we have Disco Biscuits in January, Furthur and Umphrey’s Mcgee in February and a rumored String Cheese Incident Winter Carnival in March. And soon enough it will be festival season. None of this is to mention the multitude of other shows that go on not even every weekend, but every night.  I’ve been on live music overload ever since I got here, and I quite frankly wouldn’t have it any other way.  I stayed in one weekend since I started my office job and I found I was miserable that week.  I must get my dancing fixes in and I am damn happy to be getting that done here in Denver!
Furthur @ Red Rocks 09.26.10

Another huge, gigantic plus Denver has to offer is its embracement of medical marijuana.  Just this past weekend the Denver Convention Center hosted KushCon, the world’s largest “Cannabis Lifestyle Convention.”  According to an article in the Denver Post (re:, Colorado is the hub of marijuana business.  “Colorado is light-years ahead of the rest of the world in how it regulates and taxes cannabis,” said the article.  It’s one thing to say that with proper credentials you can smoke medical marijuana in Colorado, but it’s another thing to see it.  I kid you not when I say that here in Denver there are literally medical marijuana stores on almost every block.  It quickly becomes run-of-the-mill to see big dispensary signs all over town.  If you’re interested in knowing more about the strains and going rates of the medical marijuana Colorado has to offer, you should take a peek at my friend Ryan’s medical marijuana review blog!
Kushism @ Highlands, Denver
The inhabitants of Denver are also a big drawing point to the city for me.  Everyone I meet is pretty awesome, friendly and laid-back.  The city definitely attracts a great breed of people.  I don’t often meet inhabitants that are actually from Colorado, but I’ve never met anyone here that doesn’t like it. I find that things keep continuing to work out for me here.  Every time I feel down or worried about something it seems that I meet the right person or find the right situation.  I really have nothing to complain about!  When I think about the fact that I moved to Denver, 1,800 miles away from my home, in a “sink or swim” type situation, I am reminded of some words of wisdom by creativity guru Julia Cameron, “Leap, and a net will appear.”
Jefferson Park, Denver
A few other amazing things Denver has that really tickle my fancy are the following:  breakfast burritos, 14,000 foot peaks, 5-star ski resorts, red rocks, affordable rent, awesome venues, Grateful Dead bars, big blue skies, sunny days, gorgeous weather and incredible vibes.  The only thing I can think that Denver is missing is Kay Bee.  This city is calling that girl’s name. 
good morning, Denver!

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