Monday, January 10, 2011

Colorado Residency - Meant To Be?

Something cosmic happened to me today and I do feel the need to share, but first I must back track! 

To put it briefly and lightly, in January 2004 I came on a snowboard trip to Copper Mountain, CO and at the end of the trip said goodbye to my ex-boyfriend who was a great love, and who was staying in CO with a new lover.  I was so incredibly heartbroken the last two days of the trip, and on January 10, 2004 I flew from Denver, CO back home to New Jersey where I would continue with college, miss my ex-boyfriend and be scarred from my Colorado trip for the next couple of years. 

Now, fast forward seven years, it is fair enough to say that ex-boyfriend and I are on good terms, and he lives with his wife and their son in a mountain town in southern CO.  I saw him and his wife at a Phish concert in October, and he told me that if I ever wanted to come stay with them and go snowboarding this winter, I was welcome. 

Now, to change the subject.  Last Monday I had off work and decided to utilize the day by finally going to Motor Vehicle to surrender my NJ driver’s license and obtain a CO license.  Here in CO the DMV gives you a temporary paper license and I was told the hard document would arrive via mail in 7-10 days.

Today I could not go into work because of hazardous road conditions.  Later in the afternoon I decided to walk to the nearby DMV to submit my documents and receive CO license plates and registration.  On the walk home from the DMV I decided to take a cell phone picture of myself holding my new license plate, showing my friends I was an official resident of this great state.  I sent the picture text to several people and carried on with my day.  I proceeded to do a little exploring around the neighborhood and arrived home to find my CO license had arrived in the mail, same day as I got my plates! What perfect timing.

Several hours later as I turned the handle of a door, I suddenly had the idea to send the picture text to aforementioned ex-boyfriend, being that he lives in CO.  I wanted him to know I became a resident, all by myself, and that I still love CO even after the bad/sad experience I had with him here.  So I sent him the picture, he responded, we sent a few texts back and forth, and then he asked me when I was coming to visit their mountain town. 

I told him I don’t know when I will go to visit, but I am considering it, and the fact that I can even consider it means a lot to me.  I mentioned I would have to carpool and he told me of a ride share site.  I said maybe I’ll come in February, and then I made dinner.  It was sometime after dinner, back in my room when I decided to check out the ride share site, when it dawned on me:  today is January 10th, the day I left CO in 2004 a crying, pathetic, broken-hearted mess.  And now, today, January 10th, 2011, I am back in Colorado, loving it the max, received my CO ID and license plates AND made potential plans to go visit with this dude and his wife that it took me many years to get over and be able to reach the point I am at now.

So I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty a freakin cool and cosmic story.  It’s the icing on the cake of my already convinced mind that I am supposed to live here.


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